Sign Language Interpreting / Video Remote Interpreting

Sign Language Interpreting / Video Remote Interpreting

Tele-interpreting or Video Remote Interpreting lets educational and other interpreters connect Deaf and Hard of Hearing students with their classroom and environment.

D/HH students often become accustomed to having an adult follow them throughout their school day. Although Sign-Language Interpreters are masters of guiding others toward direct student interactions, it’s still a different experience than that of most children in school. VocoVision uses a combination of WiFi, Bluetooth and other technology to bring the educational interpreter to a mobile device. This lets the SLI follow the student around the school to both the academic and extra-curricular settings while being less intrusive than in-person interpreting.

Tele-interpreters have to share information from teachers, other students and the environment in general. VocoVision’s platform offers flexible solutions that the SLI can observe the student and the classroom at the same time. Screen Share technology also permits the tele-interpreter to take documents that the teacher has shared and present them right on the student’s device. This allows them to clarify or highlight specific information to the child.

So how is the overall experience? Let one of our tele-interpreters tell you herself!

Let me start by saying that I truly LOVE my job through VocoVision. Being a part of such a cutting-edge form of educational interpreting is thrilling! I was familiar with video remote interpreting, but had never considered it for an education environment. I reached out to some of my colleagues with experience in education and VRI [Video Remote Interpreting] settings…and I liked what I learned. Fortunately for all of us, it’s been a success! The students are responding well, and it really feels like I’m right there with them.

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