Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

TVIs coordinate a variety of services and people to help children with visual impairments to succeed in school. They assess the student’s needs and teach specific skill. However, they also help classroom teachers and others adapt materials and curriculum to make them accessible, as well as making the school environment more conducive to meeting the child’s needs. It can be difficult to imagine how a Tele-TVI can accomplish this wide range of tasks remotely. However, TVIs are skilled at modifying environments and have used that skills to the online setting as well as they do onsite.

Many of the adaptations and material needs are tactile, and TVIs have been successful at doing things like teaching braille and training school braillists remotely. Tele-TVIs can help students and staff learn to use assistive technology with Screen Share technology, including software programs and mobile apps.

Tele-TVIs can use different telecommunication technology to collaborate with parents and the school team. They are accessible to respond to parent questions through a variety of online means. Using video conference technology, TVIs can observe classroom environments and provide feedback and strategies to teachers. They are also able to participate in IEP and other parent meetings to plan for meeting student needs.

But don’t take our word for it! Here is what one of our Tele-TVIs had to say about her experience:

Many of my students love to be online with their Vision Teacher. Assistive Technology is an integral part of their curriculum and Voco gives us a platform to teach technology by having them use technology. I have been able to participate in IEP meetings, parent meetings and brainstorming sessions via VocoVision. I feel like I am part of the team of professionals in the districts I serve and offer my expertise in Visual Impairments to a team that otherwise may not have the resources. Parents are always grateful to have a TVI available for questions, and I appreciate being a resource to teachers and paraprofessionals. The collaboration model with IEP team members has worked very well using VocoVision.

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